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Effective Study Counts...

Many children often share their concerns that they study hard and study a lot but still do not do as well as they desire to. All hard work must lead to some desirable output & therefore “Effective Study Counts”. Many children lack the self­awareness about their own learning pattern. Learn about your own personality type, strengths and challenges, be systematic, organized and consistent & above all be responsible for yourself. You may start with these easy steps. Know your learning style: (Visual learners learn by seeing, Auditory learners learn by hearing, Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. One may be a combination of three styles) Set long term and short term study targets for yourself. Make realistic study­plan & timetables by managing time for all kind of realistic activities which you ‘must’ do. Make a ‘to do’ list daily & on that prioritize the tasks. Use ‘spare time’ productively. For example: Read while going back from school to home by bus. Try to finish your assignments in school itself by utilizing every single minute available. Say ‘No’ to interruptions. ‘Work while you work, chill while you chill’. Keep aside some time to callout friends and meet them on­line and inform your friends about your ‘social­time’. Rest of the time stay uninterrupted and be available to yourself. Study at the right time and at the right place. Know when you learn best and which kind of environment supports you well in learning. Eat right. As they say­‘you are, what you eat’ So, Nourish you body, mind and soul to make it perform the best for you. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can make you irritable and less productive. Plan your time­table in such a way that you get at least 6­8 hrs of sound sleep. Study effectively by all means ­­­­­ have confidence in yourself and besides that Rancho Baba’s mantra will hold good ­­­­­­­­­­­­“All Is Well”.


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